Our story

Three friends came together during the summer of 2018. All with a passion for art and fashion. The joy, the sun and ice cold beer made us drift away in thoughts: “What if we create a clothing brand? In which we can combine our passion with our creativity?” and some time later Muddle Clothing was born.

We are Muddle Clothing. We use our imagination to make art with a meaning. Muddle literally means ‘bring into confusion or disorientated state’ and that’s the feeling you get when someone walks by wearing Muddle. Our designs tell stories that make you look twice and think about.

Our mission is to create accessible art through clothing that inspires you to think more about life and to unleash creativity.

We believe that we can help people to express themselves in order to feel more and create connections with people around them. We have our voice, we have our imagination and we should use it. Now more than ever. 

 We are Muddle Clothing – Limitless imagination

About us

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